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I use the term “EUlite” (European Union Elite) to label the ruling class in Old Europe.

I don’t like to slam on “Europeans” because frequently the worst things that come out of Europe are creations of this ruling class and don’t correspond to the European Street. More over, the population of Europe is highly diverse, in contrast to the EUlite who seem to be interchangeable apparatchiks with remarkably consistent views. I tend to view the EUlite vs. Europeans the way I view

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Luciferous Tuesday, 08 February 2005 at 17:14

Agree, cubed. Remember how warmly old Mike Gorbachav was received by the western apparat when he lost his day-job? They admired him, wanted to be like him; they were soulless mates.

Dave Sheridan Thursday, 10 February 2005 at 04:31

Other parallels (sort of — it’s been a long day):
— suicide bombers vs. people active in politics
— the New York Times editorial board vs. people who write in English
— the Village People vs. firemen, sailors and cops
— the Mafia vs. lending institutions
— cannibals vs. people who like a good steak now and then.

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