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While some on the Left have been willing to look past partisan politics to celebrate with the Iraqis on their recent elections, others have not. In one thing that seems to be a strong parallel with Vietnam (for once), we have a clear victory being spun as a defeat or fake victory by many on the Left. It seem difficult to do with all of the pictures of jubilant Iraqis but there are a lot of dour Leftists up to the task.

This bring homes clearly to me that most of these people don’t believe that the USA is unalterably evil, but require it to be. There is no forgiveness in them. It seems that even if one has the view that the USA has trampled the globe with destruction and misery since its founding, it would still be a good idea to provide some positive feedback on something like the Iraqi elections, to set at least a floor on what can be expected. Moreover, as many former Communist leaders found, mouthing the rhetoric is often a short stop on the way to having to live the rhetoric. But then, what would form the stark background against which the postering Left could perform their internal psychodrama?

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David Cohen Wednesday, 02 February 2005 at 19:25

AOG: I keep following your links over the Bagnews, but I’ve got to say that I don’t see what amuses you about them. They’re just so effen earnest and ignorant without the pinch of psychosis that makes DU so much fun.

Annoying Old Guy Wednesday, 02 February 2005 at 20:38

Well, part of it was that they weren’t quite as loony as DU. I think the author is losing it, though - catching the Oliver Willis disease.

It’s also relatively low volume in comments, so there’s some possibility of actual interaction.

I do like his ability to see the most elaborate symbology in hastily selected pictures. I’m an amatuer photographer and know some professional ones and the idea that any of these subtle things can be set up in live photoes on a deadline is implausible in the extreme. It’s one thing to encode that kind of thing in a movie or controlled photo shoot, but in live shots? Still, it’s probably an acquired taste.

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