Some monsters are too monstrous
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I didn’t find the flap about Prince Harry wearing a Nazi uniform very interesting, but a post at Dean’s World emphasized the point that Harry isn’t advocating a Nazi viewpoint, he just wore a costume. That lead to several other thoughts:

  • Does this mean that wearing a vampire costume means one is advocating violent removal of other people’s blood?
  • Isn’t dressing up as a monster a rather common thing? For what reason are certain monsters out of bounds?
  • If Harry had dressed up as a Alexander the Great, would Persians be able to take offense the same way?
  • What about a Belgian colonial officer?
  • Or, as others have pointed out, what about a representative of a ideology that killed a hundred million people and devasted much of the planet?

It says something not very good that this entire incident wasn’t two sentences in some society blurb. As Melanie Phillips points out, it’s sad how people get so worked up over a costume but not about modern atrocities against Jews.

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Michael Saturday, 15 January 2005 at 10:46

If I saw Harry on an Alexander the Great costume, I’d wonder if he was gay - which would be fine with me! :-)

Thanks for the trackback to the post and for the good post you wrote. I agree with you completely.

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