Sic transit gloria mundi
Posted by aogTuesday, 04 January 2005 at 21:12 TrackBack Ping URL

I was checking out the Movable Type Wiki and noticed that they had disable the Wiki style open page editing. It seems that the spammers are now discovering that Wikis are a great place to put their links now that MT Blacklist usage is growing on MovableType installations. I’ve been unpopular and only had to install MT Blacklist recently. I found it particularly effective because I’m well versed in regular expressions.

But it’s kind of sad that spammers are destroying open, collaborative environments one by one on the Internet. It seems that with Wikis, the registration process is sufficiently automated that spambots can create users and then scribble their links on pages with that user.

I wonder how long it will be before the spambots can reply to the next level of difficulty, which is replying to registration e-mails to get registered. Given that the spammers seem to switch domain names at a rapid pace, it would be easy to automate setting up an e-mail account, registering at all of the target locations, deleting the e-mail account and then scribbling. I expect that within the year.