Show me the money
Posted by aogMonday, 24 January 2005 at 12:18 TrackBack Ping URL

Is it really the conservatives who are obessed with money and wealth? This comes up in the context of many on the Left complaining that the lumpenproletariat voted against their own interests. What is meant here, of course, is voting against their economic interests. Others have handled the argument about whether this is true better than I could so I leave that to them when voting for President Bush.

Yet consider what it would mean if the Left were correct. Doesn’t that presuppose a world view in which economic matters (i.e., money and wealth) are the pre-eminent concerns, so important that they outweigh all other concerns put together? Could it not be possible that some set of non-economic concerns about the candidates policies would outweigh direct, personal economic benefit? Apparently not in the view of the Left, which expects voters to vote purely on the basis of the latter. It’s too bad for them that they’re wrong on that as well.

P.S. Mickey Kaus was well ahead of the game on this issue. Quite a few years ago he wrote an excellent book about this money obsession of so many liberals which made quite an impression on me.