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Over at the Brothers Judd is another clipping from an endless series of questioning how God could allow the tsunami disaster to happen. As a weak atheist I find this kind of athiest arguments from disaster as beyond weak, silly in fact.

If God is truly an infinite being, then any suffering we can imagine would be but momentary from that point of view. A second or a million years would be as similar to God as a nanosecond and a femtosecond are to us. Even in Christian theology, if one considers the scale of it, it’s difficult to see why something like the tsunami, as terrible and massive as it seems to us, would be a significant event to a being for Whom all of human history that’s passed and is to come is but a moment. Moreover, the same is true for any human souls, which will eventually be as timeless as God. The end point of the complaint from disaster is to ask why God didn’t just create people in heaven to start with, if He thought a life without pain or suffering was important1. I don’t think it’s necessary to argue that God, for some reason, favors pain and or suffering, but simply that, given the infinitesmal time we will exist on Earth, He doesn’t view it as a big deal.

1 One might well hold to the view that God tried exactly that but Adam and Eve rejected it.

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John Weidner Tuesday, 04 January 2005 at 22:09

Also, it’s “terrible and massive” only because we happen to define it that way. Probably 10,000 Asians die every day, but we don’t define that as “massive.” Or even notice. But if Dan Rather covers the story, then we say “How could God allow this?”

Sort of like how we get all in a dither over a plane crash, but the same number of people dying on the highway isn’t even news.

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