Spite vs. humanity
Posted by aogFriday, 24 December 2004 at 16:59 TrackBack Ping URL

NPR had another weepy segment on a military family that had lost their only son in action in Iraq. The family, I understand. The ghouls at NPR are the people who confuse me. It seems to me that the point of these segments isn’t really empathy but rather an effort to magnify the percieved cost of the action in Iraq so as to defeat it. That would, of course, sully the supreme sacrifice made by this young man and his family, but they’re clearly just useful objects to the NPR folk.

What I’d like to see NPR try is doing one of these on an Iraqi family who had lost someone to the caliphascists in one of the many bombings. Or maybe the families of those election officials gunned down in the street the other day.

It’s striking, isn’t it, that during the civil rights movement in this country in the 50’s and 60’s, election workers who were killed or attacked were lionized. When that happens in Iraq, Old Media cooperates with the killers by spreading their propaganda. Can you imagine any reporter referring to the KKK as “insurgents” fighting for their beliefs or treating them as the moral superior of the US federal government, as is commonly done to the caliphascists in Iraq? One begins to wonder if even back then, the real goal was to damage certain political factions more than help the downtrodden and oppressed.