European blood lines
Posted by aogThursday, 02 December 2004 at 08:53 TrackBack Ping URL

Today is the 200th anniversay of Napolean crowning himself emperor, according to NPR. On the radio there was what passes for discussion of his record. One thing Napolean is given credit for is spreading what is now the standard European legal system across Europe. I have my issues with it but it was a definite improvement at the time. What struck me was the true oddity of the creation of the US government in the form of the US Constitution. Unlike every European political advance that I’m aware of, the USA managed to adopt a radically new and far better form of government with no bloodshed at all. When the Articles of Confederation didn’t work out, rather than descendnig in to anarchy, succession or bloody revolution the Founders got together, worked out a better government and convinced the citizenry to support it. Even I hadn’t really grasped before what a truly remarkable achievement that facet only was. It speaks volumes of not only the Founders but the citizenry as well.