Open a vein
Posted by aogSaturday, 20 November 2004 at 12:42 TrackBack Ping URL

Dean’s World writes about the “purge” at the CIA. I think it’s high time that something was done. I understand the concern about whistle blowers, but is there no option for such people except to leak politically charged information at strategic times during election campaigns? Couldn’t they, you know, talk to a Congressmen? Someone on, say, the Intelligence Committee? I have no sympathy for the leakers. It’s not their job to decide what the appropriate use or correct foreign policy is for the USA. If they have serious (as opposed to the purely political ones motivating the recent leaks) then they should be talking to someone who is directly accountable to the American citizenry who is therefore at least partial empowered to make such decisions. If Congress is so united behind the President that that’s not possible, I’d say the proper conclusion is that the leaker is wrong.