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In comment threads like this one finds a number of comments about secession, where the littoral types want to leave the USA to get away from the rednecks/fundamentalists/lobotomized minions of Karl Rove. What makes it funny is the complaint that those heartland types are living off the tax money of the littorals. This is hilarious on two levels.

The first is the issue of why there’s all that tax money being extracted from the Lefty states. Of course, it is because the Democratic Party supports high taxes. It seems to be an article of faith that high taxes are good. Yet I have never seen it occur to one of the whiners to agitate for lower taxes so they don’t get (as they see it) “ripped off”.

The second is the strong parallel to the welfare debate. It’s the welfare queen story, just with a slightly different gloss. It might do such commentors good to think about why they are so upset about the federal government handing out their money to other people, and how that might just push people towards the Republican Party, which advocates doing less of that.

Nah. The idea that someone might have an actual reason for voting for President Bush beyond homophobia and Bible thumping would probably even further damage their mental machinery.

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Dave Sheridan Wednesday, 10 November 2004 at 05:07

When I saw this argument, I thought of a great trade that will never happen: Urban liberals agree to a lower and much flatter tax structure. Red staters agree to abolish agriculture subsidies. That wouldn’t even things out completely, but would probably come awfully close.

Annoying Old Guy Wednesday, 10 November 2004 at 10:43

Oh yeah, I’d go for that trade in a moment. I neglected to mention, as someone else did, that the entire idea of “tax the wealthy to help the poor” that is being complained about here is a central pillar of the Left’s ideology. But I suspect that the true ideologues have passed from the scene and only the slogan shouters remain.

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