Check the ventilation - there's an oxygen shortage
Posted by aogSunday, 07 November 2004 at 22:50 TrackBack Ping URL

Via Brothers Judds, we have an article in the NY Times about how Senator Kerry should step up after the election.

Still reeling from his loss to President Bush on Tuesday, Senator John Kerry is being urged by top advisers and friends to take a high-profile role as the Democratic Party grapples with issues like selecting its next chairman and shaping its identity and course.

Yeah, while Senator Kerry is pondering the nuances of that approach, the Democratic Senators have already decided on their leaders, without apparently requiring the slightest bit of input from Kerry. Which is hardly odd, given how they never needed it in the past.

Unlike Al Gore, who made a tortured exit from the public stage after his loss to Mr. Bush four years ago, Mr. Kerry has a Senate seat to return to and is under no pressure to disappear from view for the sake of national unity and the legitimacy of the presidency, his advisers say. They argue that his continuing presence in the Senate gives him a natural role in determining how Democrats deal with the White House.

The natural role, of course, is as the “bad example”. Actually, though, the Democratic Party would probably be better off if they did use Kerry as a bad example. In fact, I expect they’ll do what they’ve done in the past — fail to realize that he exists.

“If President Bush indeed wants to earn the support of people who supported Kerry, then he’ll probably have to deal with Kerry,” said Mike McCurry, a senior adviser to the Kerry campaign.

Now why, exactly, would Bush want that? The very essence of Kerry’s campaign was “I am not George Bush”. It seems that there’s a bit of a problem more fundamental than Bush’s political relationship to Kerry as a Senator.

“The question for Kerry is in some ways the same as for Bush: Does the president want to lead by establishing some bipartisan consensus in the center, or does he want to govern from the ideological right?”

Call me a moonbat, but I’m going to go with “ideological right” on that question. In ten years that ideological right will be the center.

“Kerry would be the person that could help him accomplish that, but if not, there will be a hunger for someone to stand up to Bush.”

I think the hunger will be for some one who can successfully stand up to Bush. Or, perhaps Soros and his billionare cabal will be happy to spend another big wad o’ cash on another unsuccessful fight.