But he was so gauche!
Posted by aogMonday, 29 November 2004 at 16:11 TrackBack Ping URL

I heard yet another story about General Pinochet this morning on NPR and saw it over at Brothers Judd as well. I am still floored by the difference between the effort expended in going after Pinochet while people like Castro and Arafat are fetéd around the world. Pinochet at least left his country in better shape than when he took over, with a return to democracy and a vibrant economy. What will be the legacy of Castro? The destruction of one of the leading economies in the Americas along with far more death and torture than Pinochet ever even considered? I suppose Pinochet’s real crime is that he didn’t verbally genuflect toward the chatterati, as Castro and Arafat have done so well, because it’s clearly not any oppression of the citizenry that arises the ire of the EUlite and chattering class of the West.