Action limiters
Posted by aogMonday, 01 November 2004 at 12:39 TrackBack Ping URL

Now that we have the putatively video from Osama bin Laden, we’re hearing much whining from the Left about how it is President Bush’ fault he’s still running around and dangerous. I find that sadly amusing.

The first issue is that OBL doesn’t seem very dangerous anymore. His organization has been smashed and his nation-state base of support occupied. While it would certainly be nice to have something very nasty happen to OBL, we shouldn’t let our emotions get in the way of working toward victory. In this kind of game, we must play to win, not to indulge our feelings.

But I suspect that the truly cynical in the modern American Left aren’t confused on this point, but instead see it as a way to both demagogue the issue and limit the set of actions required. If OBL is defined as the problem, then once he’s toast victory can be declared and we can go back to implementing a socialist utopia in the USA.

I’m somewhat surpised that the Kerry campaign didn’t use this same strategy for Iraq — Saddam Hussein was the problem, we got him, let’s go home. Perhaps Senator Kerry is just waiting until he’s President to do it.

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Dave Sheridan Monday, 01 November 2004 at 13:46

I think you’re right about OBL. Several lefties of my acquaintance are touting the bin Laden tape, and the fact that we still haven’t gotten him. Oddly, most of them opposed our taking out the Taliban in the first place, so consistency isn’t a requirement. For these guys, socialist utopia is the agenda, and any excuse will do. These folks know Kerry is their guy, no matter what he says about the war. In Iraq, my horror Kerry scenario is that he’ll start winding down our commitment after their January elections. The only thing that might prevent that is a U.N. that’s still too timid to put even a token peacekeeping force there.

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