War of National Subjugation
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Paul Bigley, brother of Ken Bigley who is apparently being held hostage in Iraq, has endorsed the Stop the War Coalition. What this finally brought in to focus for me is the bizarre claim that the violence in Iraq is about a “war of national liberation”. The violence is in fact about national subjugation by caliphascism.

One can object to the invasion of Iraq on many levels, but the idea that the goal was conquest is simply delusional. How people like the Stop the War Coalition and Paul Bigley can say that with a straight face, or those reporting on them can write it up as if it were serious escapes me. The Coalitions plan has always explicitly been for a return to control by Iraqis and I have yet to see any even half way plausible counter-claim. This idea of “national liberation” is particularly odious when the primary goal of the violence seems to be to prevent elections. It would seem that true nationalists would be aiding the Coalition and Provisional Government efforts to hold open and fair elections. A true nationalist movement could then win the elections and kick the “occupiers” out. But there, you see, is the whole problem. The factions supported by Bigley and his fellow travelers in the Stop the War Coalition aren’t popular. The Iraqis may not like being ruled by Americans but it seems clear that they would like being ruled by the insurgents even less. But the Stoppers have never let the opinions of the wogs influence their policy.

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Dave Sheridan Wednesday, 06 October 2004 at 04:25

Interesting that neither group of terrorists (Baathists or the Islamofascist imports) even pretends to have an agenda other than driving the coalition out. Really, they should be giving our Leftists a bit more material to work with.

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