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Via the Command Post is another report out of Iraq:

Interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi said negotiators on Tuesday hammered out the basis for an agreement to end fighting with followers of radical Shiite Muslim cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.

U.S. forces have been daily attacking the vast Baghdad slum of Sadr City to knock out the cleric’s militia and pressure him to lay down his arms in favor of negotiations.

Yah, you think there’s some kind of relationship between those two facts? Rather than just being violence for the sake of violence or an over-reaction, the small but targeted strikes going on put time on Allawi’s side. If negotiations bog down, he gets to say “Well, let’s try again tomorrow, with those of you left alive after tonight’s bombing”. I expect that’s doing wonders for motivating the other side.

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Dave Sheridan Saturday, 09 October 2004 at 07:53

Also, Sistani is insisting on January elections. Al-Sady may be realizing that if we get him before he cuts a deal with Allawi, he’s dead. That should focus him.

Annoying Old Guy Saturday, 09 October 2004 at 09:11

Yes, the upcoming elections are another excellent way of putting pressure on the recalcitrant. The objections to Vice President Cheney’s comment about partial elections was so counter-productive, because that makes the pressure even greater. It would be sad if I thought Old Media and the other chatterati actually cared about success in Iraq.

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