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Via Little Green Footballs is some advice from Seattle Times columnist William Pfaff. It’s basically to do what De Gaulle did when he took power in France in 1958 and negotiated Algerian independence.

I found that advice extremely odd - the argument in France was whether to keep Algeria as a colony. De Gaulle’s primary insight was that Algerian would fight viciously for independence and France didn’t have the will to completely crush the rebellion. I can’t see how that would apply to Iraq, because

  • There is simply no one in the USA political scene who has ever advocated keeping Iraq as a colony.
  • There are few indeed who have argued about even keeping it as a protectorate
  • The official USA plan for the occupation was to prepare Iraq for becoming an independent liberal democracy
  • The rebel are fighting against self rule by Iraq, not for it

This is just another example of the idea of a true American Empire with imperial conquests taking root in the Left. They don’t dare state it explicitly, because it’s laughable, but instead use it as a backdrop so as to get some mileage from it without having to defend the concept. But absent that backdrop, this advice simply makes no sense. But perhaps that’s not a good criteria on which to judge Pfaff.

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Dave Sheridan Saturday, 09 October 2004 at 07:37

Not only that, Pfaff is firmly convinced that the war is unwinnable for the same reasons the Shah fell. Do any of these leftists realize that, U.S. or no U.S, the vast majority of Iraqis (ex. the Sunni die-hards) want their own government? That’s what I love about the news business. Start with a flawed world view, move on to misstating the facts on the ground, throw in an inappropriate historical analogy or two, and you’re a syndicated columnist.

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