It doesn't matter who mined the gold, we staked the claim
Posted by aogFriday, 22 October 2004 at 14:58 TrackBack Ping URL

The Brothers Judd mention that the EUlite are trying yet again to expand their influence using “soft power”:

The EU’s outreach program to sometimes dangerous places beyond its borders marks a dramatic shift in Europe’s perception of how it can play a key - perhaps central - role in world affairs: The strategy is one of exploiting economic clout to both achieve influence on the world stage and shape the rim of Europe. Perhaps Europe might even school America - and its many Euro-cynics - in the merits of persuasion rather than force.

I’m not going to talk how Iran is making a mockery of the EUlites soft power efforts, that’s been well covered elsewhere. What I think is the real plan, however, is for the EUlite to wait until the USA intimidates the mullahs into compliance or the USA encourages the citizenry to rise up and overthrow the mullahs. At that point, the EUlite (having put down the marker early on) will claim that is European soft power that did all the heavy lifting, just as the EUlite are now taking credit for Libya abandoning nuclear weapons. You think they’re idiots, but they are in fact clever cynics.