How I got the title "Annoying"
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Here’s a dirty little secret - most programmers aren’t very good at programming. How I loved code reviews when I point at some bit of code and ask “How could this possibly work?”. The nonplussed expression that signified the question “how am I supposed to know?” was always a joy. Or sometimes the victim would pull his printout closer, picking at it fearfully with his eyes as if it were the simple but beautiful language of an Incan monkey god rather than code he typed up the previous week. But nothing matched the thrill of victory when their spirit would fail them and they’d ask me to explain their code to them.

Oddly, management stopped letting me do code reviews. Too Nietzchian for them, I guess.

Oh, how I miss those days when I would crush my co-workers, see them shrivel before me and hear the lamentations of their friends!

P.S. This was actually an endless source of social problems bewteen us and the California office. They were touchy feely concensus based. We were hardy MidWesterns who were just plain brutal. But we always figured it like combat training - the more you sweat in development, the less you bleed from customers.

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Fred Boness Sunday, 17 October 2004 at 23:42

Here’s another dirty little secret - when complex software products and installations work really well it isn’t because of genius management; It’s because someone is making it work.

The management that decided things were running so smoothly they didn’t need me and a few others found themselves three months later with three dead in the water projects and two lawsuits from customers.

Annoying Old Guy Monday, 18 October 2004 at 08:03

Ah yes. I’m about to fall victim to a very similar cost cutting measure which looks to work out almost as badly as your company’s. Got to weed out those redundant personel…

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