Fighting from the mists of post-modernism
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Over at Winds of Change is an interesting discussion of post-modernism / deconstructionism and how it impacts the modern Left.

The problem with fighting post-modernism is that some things are purely social constructs (such as this symbol system we’re using to communicate). It’s the software that runs on top of the hardware of reality. Post-modernism, as the phrase is commonly used, is the claim that all is software. That works as long as you live far enough above grubby reality. Philosphers who live in the refined air of Paris cafés do. It is (as usual) the not-so-priviledged who suffer from the effects.

On the other hand, if one’s ideology is dieing because of its incompatiblity with objective reality (which is the state Marxism has been in for several decades), rather than trying to adjust the ideology to comply with reality one can adopt the formless of post-modernism to cover up the upleasant details.

As other commentors noted, full bore post-modernism is intrinsically nihilistic, so modern Marxists need to be a bit careful of it. But few indeed can truly embrace nihilism and so with a bit of emotional appeal that can be kept in line and the violence of the true nihilists makes an excellent tool for destroying one’s political opponents (the only people Lenin really feared were the nihilists, whom he carefully disposed of one by one after they had contributed to smashing up the Czarist state).

The best defense against post-modernism is having to deal with the quotidian concerns of every day life. This is probably a big reason why the EUlite despise the USA and Americans, because our government is controlled by those sort of people and as a result the USA is a hyperpower. The EUlite don’t fear the Caliphate despite the philosophical differences because it leads to obviously worse results. This is why the USA was popular while mouring its losses on 12 Sep 2001, but hated when it started doing something about it.

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