Drafting the political slipstream
Posted by aogMonday, 25 October 2004 at 19:52 TrackBack Ping URL

The rumours of a potential draft continue to be pushed by the Democratic Party, including Senator Kerry. It’s yet another demonstration that the Democratic Party is either as deeply cynical and dishonest as its detractors claim, or is far too clueless to be allowed to occupy high office.

I won’t go in to why a draft would not, in fact, strengthen the military but would most likely weaken it as that’s been covered copiously elsewhere.

What I haven’t seen discussed is the political side of the issue. One need only conduct a simple thought experiment. Suppose the occupation of Iraq or Syria is going badly and we supposedly need so many more troops that a draft is indicated. The unexamined assumption here is that there is no other way to achieve the postulated military objectives. But that is simply not true. There may well be no way to do it with a minimum of foreign casualties but that’s not quite the same thing. I can’t envision a situation where the result couldn’t be achieved through an application of sufficient high explosives, if one is willing to inflict massive collateral damage. Who seriously believes that our political leadership, faced with the choice of imposing a draft and significantly increasing American casualties, or bombing foreigners until the rubble bounces, would chose the former instead of the latter?