What powers did I get today?
Posted by aogSaturday, 18 September 2004 at 11:00 TrackBack Ping URL

Via Little Green Footballs we have the LA Times claiming that the original Free Republic post about the TANG memos was “highly technical” and therefore must have been originally written by a Rove operative. If you look at the post, it would appear technical only to someone with less knowledge about modern technology than most high school graduates (a class of people that apparently includes the staff at the LA Times).

It makes me think of Karl Rove coming in to work and being presented by his staff with the latest claims of Rovian super powers. Now, Rove’s a smart guy and a top notch political operator but many claims of his powers would be beyond the capabilities of most comic book super villians. Lex Luthor could take lessons from the Rovian mastermind portrayed in moonbat faction of the American Left. I’ll bet it would be a fun contest to see who could find the most ludicrous claim of Rove’s political genius. The only problem would be distinguishing between satire and moonbattery.