UN Security Council Qualifications
Posted by aogTuesday, 28 September 2004 at 20:29 TrackBack Ping URL

No Illusions is pondering the make up the UN Security Council. I’m in favor of giving UNSEC membership to any nation that asks. Even the delusional UN-philes may finally give up on it when it takes the unaminous votes of most of the governments on the planet1.

But I have a few better ideas.

The first is the simplest - the UNSEC shoud consist only of superpowers. I.e., the USA. It would make UNSEC debates much faster.

The next is some sort of contest, say every 2 or 3 years. In the simple case, a remote location is selected and winners must be able to airlift in a battalion fully equipped for at least a week of active combat. This is in many ways similar to the first plan, but it’s possible that the UK might get on board. Alternatively, a noxious dictator ship could be selected and whoever ends up with the dicator’s body gets to replace a current UNSEC member. I’m not sure if current members should be allowed to compete in that case. Maybe it should be stretched out to four years and done in parallel with the Olympics…

UPDATE: BBB asked me about the logical hole in this plan and I came up with a solution. The UNSEC size is fixed and the members are ordered (#1, #2, …). Which ever country wins the Dictator Scavenger Hunt™ becomes member #1 and everyone else shifts down. The bottom member gets booted. Current members get to compete as well, to preserve or improve their position. This way, every UNSEC member has to prove their capability every so often.

1 David Weber uses this as a plot point in his Honor Harrington series. The Solarian League (which sounds much like a UN successor) requires unaminity for foreign policy decisions and as a result doesn’t have an official policy except for crushing anyone who bombards a planetary surface. So it’s not quite as bad as the modern UN.