Trading pawns for rooks and queens
Posted by aogSunday, 19 September 2004 at 09:48 TrackBack Ping URL

I just keep thinking about the White House passing through the fake National Guard memos. Everything I read just re-enforces my earlier view that the White House recognized the forgeries and declined to get involved. I think it’s reasonable to presume that CBS News thought it was doing a fork attack on the White House but instead the White House realized it could set up a win-win scenario by refusing to get involved. If the forgery is discovered on its own, fine. If not, a cutout could be used to get the ball rolling. And if neither of those, then is it really so bad for the Democratic Party to put most of its effort in to the story of Bush’s National Guard service? It would do damage but very little for a large effort. Even many on the Left realize that (at best) it’s flogging a terminally ill horse. If the Democratic Party spent the rest of the election pounding this for a 1% shift while the Bush campaign had a free hand to hit on other issues for a 5% shift, who wins?

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According to today's Washington Post timeline constructed by Kurtz, Dobbs and Grimaldi (discussed previously here), CBS began to have second thoughts about the documents before the story aired. White House communications director Dan Bartlett agre...