The rubble's already bouncing
Posted by aogFriday, 17 September 2004 at 13:33 TrackBack Ping URL

Orrin Judd writes

Folks worried about a Kerry comeback should keep in mind that probably no more than a fifth of the electorate has seen his 1971 testimony.

I wonder how many depressed Rove operatives there will be after the election. Think of it — they might have spent months, possibly years, constructing highly detailed and meticulously documents attacks against Senator Kerry. And then the work is just thrown away because there were too many other, better attacks. It’s like all those aircraft carriers we built in WWII. By the time they were ready to go, they weren’t needed because Japan had already been pounded down. As long as CBS is sucking all the oxygen out of the political environment, why should Rove launch anything major? Rove is a commander holding his fire because he’s watching the opposing army get chewed up by the local partisans and telling his minions with their varied and powerful weapons “sorry, boys, it just doesn’t look like we’ll need those this time”.