The advance of technology
Posted by aogWednesday, 08 September 2004 at 21:08 TrackBack Ping URL

I’ve finally put a blogroll up. I’ve been using Blogmatrix the last couple of months and I’ve grown quite fond of it. Tonight I figured out how to get it to publish the weblogs I have listed in it directly to a template module in MovableType. So now if I make changes, I can update the weblog on this page directly from BlogMatrix with a few mouse clicks. So now my blogroll will be a fairly close approximation of what I’m reading. I don’t expect many click throughs, but it is polite to provide the links.

I’ll note that the primary reason I use BlogMatrix is that it tracks low traffic weblogs for me. It reads the RSS / Atom feeds and maintains a list of weblogs with posts I haven’t read. I can then click through to read them. As a low traffic site, I highly recommend the use of a tool of this type.