Self-fufilling prophecies
Posted by aogMonday, 27 September 2004 at 22:04 TrackBack Ping URL

One thing that seems to have been missed in Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi’s speech is that of course he painted a rosier picture than one that is strictly based on the facts. What he’s trying to do is create a self-fufilling prophecy. Most of the time when such a thing is mentioned, it’s in a negative connotation. But such a thing could easily go either way in Iraq. Allawi’s vision could become reality if the people of Iraq (and to a lesser extent Americans) believe it.

I’m reminded of Churchill and the Battle of Britian. Was a war-weary nation facing the German onslaught really ready to “fight on beaches, landing grounds, in fields, in streets and on the hills”? What Churchill is remembered for is stating this as a fact and thereby making it a fact. Yet when another leader of an embattled people, struggling for peace and freedom, speaks out to his people and his allies, the petty minded stoppers can think of nothing but to mock him. How small a time we live in.