Like that's not a mine field as well
Posted by aogMonday, 06 September 2004 at 20:14 TrackBack Ping URL

Over at Kevin Drum’s there is much commentary about how the Republicans are playing hard ball and the Democratic Party is just too nice to respond. This ignores just a wee bit of recent history but no matter.

The funniest comment I read was someone who claimed that instead of focusing on Vietnam, Senator Kerry should highlight his service during the Cold War. Luckily I wasn’t drinking anything at the time or I’d need a new monitor. While Kerry’s actions during the Cold War weren’t as bad as his actions after returning from Vietnam, it’s not that far off.

Internally the Democratic Party and the Left in general seem to have rewritten the history of the Cold War into a bi-partisan unified fight. But of course, through much of the later decades of the Cold War much of the Left was accomodationist or outright supportive of Communist regimes. After Kennedy the Democratic Party started abandoning the fight against Communism and after LBJ it was over. Kerry was part of this crowd, if not a leader. He sided with the North Vietnamese, the Sandinistas and mocked Reagan’s efforts against the USSR. I can’t think of one single act where Kerry supported the USA against its Cold War enemies. And this is the history Kerry supporters want him to bring up? I say bring it on — the Republicans can always use some more votes.

You can’t learn from history if you continually rewrite it.