It's not different, just better known
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Via the Brothers Judd I read yet another article which goes on about

Never has the US (according to international public opinion polls) been so resented, if not loathed, by so many people around the world.

This is a key point on which the argument about the invasion of Iraq hangs. Most supporters don’t believe that the USA is any more loathed or resented, it’s just come out in the open, the way the political biases of Old Media have become undeniable. In a way it’s actually a good thing to know who is really a friend and who is an enemy.

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pj Friday, 24 September 2004 at 16:39

Actually, I think the US might be more loved than ever by the ordinary people - just more loathed by the elites who want to rule.

Remember the signs by ordinary Africans in Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, and elsewhere saying “Bush - invade here”? They certainly respected the US more because we were willing to liberate people.

Dave Sheridan Sunday, 26 September 2004 at 02:14

I really like Smyth’s description of the Ba’athists:

The Arab Nationalist Renaissance Ba’athist Party has been both anti-communist and anti-Islamic and unabashedly championed ethnic nationalism. In Iraq, the Ba’ath Party under Saddam Hussein instituted a minority-based government.

Just like the Nazis they were modeled after. Smyth also misses the real point of the National Council elections for four vice-chairmen, where “only one” candidate we preferred won a seat. So what? All four represent different factions, and so will have to work with each other within their existing governing framework. It hasn’t been in the press because it’s a non-issue.

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