Shooting with only one arrow in the quiver
Posted by aogMonday, 09 August 2004 at 16:42 TrackBack Ping URL

Via Random Jottings, here is Kathy Kinsley describing another example of how the Left uses silencing instead of argument when caught out on an indefensible point:

I don’t usually comment much on moonbats (from the right or the left). But Atrios’ latest bout of insanity (scroll down to ‘Celebrate Diversity’) is just plain weird. He seems to have decided that a t-shirt, which is endorsed by Instapundit, Frank J, and John Hawkins, with pictures of a bunch of guns on the front and the text ‘Celebrate Diversity’ is racist. I suppose because ‘diversity’ is shorthand, in his world, for ‘blacks’ or something? And Instapundit’s wearing of the t-shirt indicates he’s a racist. Right. Check the comments to Atrios’ post as well.

Of course, the real meta-comment of the T-shirt design is on the redefinition of “diversity” to mean racial diversity only, not a collection of non-identical things. The Left is reducing to sputtering “racism” when this redefinition is mocked, as the T-shirt does, because the Left holds to the double think that “diversity” doesn’t mean racial quotas even though that is the only actual result expected of any “diversity” effort.

The message of these complaints is that even at top level left-leaning weblogs there is a level of lunacy that is frightening.