Poisoning one's own well
Posted by aogSunday, 29 August 2004 at 17:39 TrackBack Ping URL

Junkyard Blog is worried about Caliphascists using our legal system against us. I think this is a legitimate fear, but I wonder if it’s not yet another strategic mistake by the Caliphascists.

American history certain has no shortage of examples where the standard legal rules were modified due to war time extigencies. The use of such mechanisms for obvious obstructionism is likely to work well for a while until there is a mood change on the American Street. Once that happens it won’t be pretty.

This seems to be another case where the war plans of the enemy are completely dependent on our forbearance, as if such forbearance is a fundamental facet of reality rather than the result of a dynamic tension in American society. The modern Left in America might also want to consider this issue because if the American Street gets fed up with the kind of legal shenanigans we’ve seen so far, it won’t just be the Caliphascists who feel the effects of the changes. Just like the lawlessness at the 1968 Democratic Convention ushered in Nixon’s “law and order” campaign, legal games in the defense of the enemies of America might well usher in a far less permissive legal system. I’m not sure I’m against that, but certainly those abusing our current one are so it’s sad but not surprising that they are carrying on without any apparent concern for destroying the environment they depend on.