Confessions of a mouth breathing Bush sycophant
Posted by aogThursday, 26 August 2004 at 23:07 TrackBack Ping URL

While over all this rant of Ken Layne’s is funny, I do find one part of it rather silly:

Somehow, over these past three years, Dubya’s each and every weakness has been embraced by his mouth-breathing followers — although his poll numbers have gone from 90-odd percent to the 40s as his nonexistent charm wears off on those finally recovering from Sept. 11.

This is a common theme I see used in many places, where any defense of any policy of President Bush brings a “you’re just a Bush-bot who agrees with anything Bush does”. Heck, even Orrin Judd has castigated Bush for his support of suppressing free speech in the name of campaign finance reform. The Bush-bot meme seems to be an attempt to avoid the crushing thought that for all of his problems, Bush is still better in almost every respect than Kerry. I’ll be voting for Bush because at least Bush wants America to win.