Think before, react after
Posted by aogSaturday, 17 July 2004 at 22:17 TrackBack Ping URL

we have the story that’s been heard round the blogosphere about a possible dry run for an airplane hijacking. Whether this particular story is accurate is a secondary point. I suppose that there are some moonbats who will claim that it’s not realistic but I find it completely reasonable to presume that practices are going on.

It’s interesting to ask what would you do if you had been in a similar situation, but I wonder about the bigger question of “what would the nation do in the face of an actual hijacking?”. While the Bush administration does contain Norm “No interviewing more than 2 Arabs per flight!” Mineta and so must shoulder some of the blame, I would say the larger part will exist in the intellectuals who have made Mineta’s stance politically correct instead of laughable1. I’m sure they will end up blaming President Bush, or Halliburton, but never themselves and particularly not the actual hijackers.

But what happens when the plane is hijacked? Should Bush have it shot down? Or should it be allowed to crash in to its target? It certainly looks like a lose-lose proposition for Bush and it’s a sad commentary on our political state when no possible action is politically acceptable. We can’t take effect measures before the hijackers strike, nor any action afterwards. We aren’t even having a debate on the subject. There was much complaint about how the 11 Sep attacks couldn’t be forseen. Leaving aside how plausible that is, can’t the same kind of attacks be forseen now? But we don’t seem to be preparing for them or taking effective measures to prevent them. Just for instance in this case, those Syrians should have been criminally charged for their behaviour (if nothing else, for standing up after being required to sit for landing). But we as a society seem incapable of being hard asses when it really matters.

1 Yes, I know the counter claims that non-Arabs would be recruited, but that takes time and effort, not to mention creating a much greater exposure to infiltration. I don’t understand the view that we must have one single, timeless policy that works forever regardless of any change in Caliphascists operational procedures. We have to get inside their loop. That’s what our miliary had done in Afghanistan and Iraq, but we do not seem able to do domestically. Our failure to be able to react faster than the Caliphascist can adapt is what’s going to kill us.