Shut up or pay your own way
Posted by aogFriday, 16 July 2004 at 21:51 TrackBack Ping URL

Speaking of delusional people, this recent statement is in the same league —

The rift that the war on Iraq caused between European Union countries and between parts of the EU and the United States should never be allowed to happen again, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said in a BBC interview.

“We must not allow such a situation to develop where Europe is no longer united on such issues and where Europe is no longer in unity with the US on such issues,” Schroeder told BBC radio on Friday.

“It would be better for all of us to avoid such a situation.”

Oh, yeah, I suppose it would - for Germany and France. On the other hand, quite a lot of the EU countries did end up siding with the USA. That would seem to make it not an EU problem. Perhaps Schroeder might look elsewhere for the precise source of the problem.

But that’s not the really delusional part. Schroeder makes no suggestion of any change in policy, goals, interests or outlooks for any nation that might prevent such a rift in the future. All the nations involved should just “not do it”. Now, I’m fine with Germany and France just shutting up and doing as their told by the USA and its allies, but I somehow doubt that was the plan Shroeder had in mind. Shroeder is right about one thing, though, when he says “the cohesion of the western world does not allow a repetition”. It’s just too bad that Germany isn’t part of the western world anymore.