Repetion works
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I ended up in a political discussion with Binkie, one of my associates today. He’s a thorough going Texan and even more conservative than I am. But he’s planning on voting for Senator Kerry and can’t understand how I could bring myself to vote for President Bush. It was somewhat disconcerting.

Binkie’s primary objections to Bush were

  • He’s an idiot who can’t use his own native language
  • He’s really Dick Cheney’s puppet (I didn’t think to ask about why if this is true, the first point matters)
  • Rumsfeld, who never makes a truthful statement, still has a job.
  • That we pre-emptively invaded Iraq on a false pretext (WMD) with no allies.
  • Kerry would have to do the right thing in Iraq despite his politics

I consider all of these canards but they worked on at least one reasonably intelligent, Republican voting conservative. I pointed out that Kerry’s cabinet would likely be worse, including as it would people like Joe Wilson and Sandy Berger, that all the serious players thought Iraq was likely to have WMD and that he couldn’t point to a single specific instance of Rumsfeld lieing. But it was to no avail.

I understand the concept of Bush laying low during August, because no one is paying attention but I’m not sure how he is going to overcome the mud of lies that has been deeply tracked in to so many voter’s brains.

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David Cohen Thursday, 29 July 2004 at 18:47

Did you mention the Supreme Court and, now, the lower federal courts?

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