Happy Independence Day!
Posted by aogSunday, 04 July 2004 at 17:21 TrackBack Ping URL

It occurs to me, as I think of liberty, democracy and self-ordered societies, that those who see only evil in the invasion of Iraq are doing an amazing job of ignoring a fact that contradicts their point of view. That fact is Kurdistan in northern Iraq. The results of ten years of de facto control by the USA is a vibrant society that is far freer and democratic than the rest of Iraq. Yet for some unexplained reason (because I’ve never seen an anti-invasion that even mentions the Kurds) this won’t happen in the rest of Iraq. Those who claim that there is a cultural barrier at least aren’t prima facie silly because there are, in fact, significant cultural differences between the Kurds and the rest of Iraq. However the anti-invasion types who base their argument on the evil nature of the USA would find Kurdistan hard to explain, so it’s just ignored.

So as we celebrate Independence Day, I think it’s distinctive characteristic of our great country that we can share that which we celebrate with others and that such sharing makes us richer, not poorer, for the sharing.