Be careful with the sauce when cooking someone else's goose
Posted by aogMonday, 05 July 2004 at 12:30 TrackBack Ping URL

I frequently discuss the anti-conservative / anti-President Bush bias of Big Media. However, sometimes it seems that it’s more nihilism than anything else and Bush is getting it now because he and his ideology are the rising powers in the American political ecosystem.

A case in point is the photo at the bottom of this post. This isn’t an altered photo, but one that ran on the Reuters wire (original image link, Google cache of article header). The guy with the gun on the left is not pointing it at Senator John Kerry, but aiming for skeet off to the right. The framing might be an accident - the rule for professional photographers is to take pictures without restraint and cull the bad shots later because you can always throw out a bad picture but you can’t retake a missed one. But it hardly explains the editorial decision to use the photo. I don’t want to sound the frump here, but in these times some things, like this photo, just aren’t funny or appropriate.

If this were a picture of President Bush, much of the blogosphere would be up arms about the implied message and quite rightly, I think. Therefore I see no reason not to wonder what was going on in the mind of the staffer at Reuters who picked this particular photo to put on the wire. Is it blowback where rhetorical death threats have become so common Reuters staffers find them funny? Or the moral collateral damage from supporting the Caliphascists? Flat out nihilism? Or that curse against which the gods themselves contend in vain, stupidity?

Reuters wire photo