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According to Winds of Change,

Al Aqsa’s Martyrs Brigade is threatening to split off from Fatah, the party of Arafat’s Palestinian Authority, citing irreconcilable differences. Israel’s plan to fracture and isolate the Palestinian terror organizations is coming to fruition. Meanwhile, Israel’s crackdown on Palestinian ‘militants’ has so decimated the ranks of adults that children are being heavily recruited.

There have also been reports of recruiters seducing women and then using the threat of an honor killing to coerce the women in to becoming suicide bombers. As noted above, that doesn’t sound like the tactics of a movement overflowing with support and recruits. Perhaps the support for the PA / Hamas regimes is just like that in other Arab countries, a mile wide and an inch deep. One wonders how many Palestinians are secretly relieved by Israel’s security wall - “Well, yes, I support attacking the Israeli oppressors and of course my child would be happy to engage in operations but, well, the wall is in the way. So sorry!”

If the support for violence against Israel really is wearing out, it says something about the depth of “nationalist” fervor among the Palestinians. Think of a US metroplex with 5-6 million people (say, Dallas / Fort Worth). If it were occupied (by, say, Mexico) Would a few thousand casualties over twenty years destroy the will to resist there? That’s hard to imagine. Yet that seems to be what is happening in Palestine. In some ways that’s not too surprising, since “Palestine” was invented as a propaganda ploy and has been more of a talking point than an actual nationality ever since. One wonders how many lives, Palestinian and Israeli, would have been saved had Israel been as tough in the past as they are now. It reminds me of the Cold War, where accomodation lead to the perpetuation of misery while Reagan’s tough stance made things temporarily worse in exchange for a hopeful future. Will this pattern ever repeat itself enough for intellectuals to figure it out?

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