Hatred by enemies is usually a good endorsement
Posted by aogFriday, 04 June 2004 at 07:37 TrackBack Ping URL

Spoons has a post I’ve been meaning to address about why it is in the interests of conservatism to vote against President Bush in the next election. While this would clearly be bad in the short term, conservatives by their nature should be taking a long term view and Spoons’ opinion (grossly summarized) is that a defeat of Bush will cause the Republican Party to become more conservative by discrediting the “triangulating” concept.

I disagree for a number of reasons, but I’ll just highlight one here that I haven’t seen raised in the comments.

This view hinges on Spoons’ point #5 — “The Democrat Party is irrevocably the party of liberalism”. On the contrary, I think it’s quite possible that another four years of President Bush and the resultant Bush hatred might well splinter the Democratic Party and discredit many of their ideological allies. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the first four years have seen the Democratic Party openly resorting to pure power politics with their current “electable” candidate, nor the rapid decline of public opinion of Big Media. Why has the New York Times gone from the “paper of record” to just another partisan rag in much of the public’s opinion? Because of mistakes caused in no small part by Bush hatred. The kind of open frothing at the mouth and the clear anti-American bias that’s becoming obvious in the fight against Bush is one of the best things to happen to liberalism this century (from a conservative’s point of view). I want more of that, so I’ll be voting for Bush this fall.