What else would politics be about except me?
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Roger Simon’s post has some very good comments as well. While I was pondering my previous post one of the commentors said something that really crystallized what’s going wrong in the Democratic Party, particularly with regard to the Baby Boomers:

If the convention turns out to be a circus, which it undoubtedly will, and if some kids get roughed up by the cops, what will the effect be for Bush?

Depending on the extent of the protest and appearance of the protestors the effect will range from none to a favorable impact. The NYPD has some of the best training in crowd control in the world and plenty of experience. Don’t forget, the ‘68 violence by the police was directed by Daley from the mayor’s office. It had a marginal impact on the election. Johnson cooked Humphrey’s goose - not Jerry Rubin. [emphasis added]

Rick Ballard

There it is. The Boomers simply cannot accept that they are not the center of the world, the axis around which life, the Universe and everything revolves. It is probably inconceivable to the tired old radicals out on the street that they may well have just been along for the ride, rather than the driving force. I think that during the heyday of the counter-culture movement they were in tune with the shifting social mores, but the tide has turned the other way and those who rode it out can’t accept that it was the tide and not them who moved the water. I think this is a root cause of the increasing disconnect between the Left, Democratic Party and Big Media elite and society.