Stop smearing a veteran!
Posted by aogTuesday, 04 May 2004 at 16:29 TrackBack Ping URL

According to [‘Mickey “It’s hard to write, it should be hard to link to” Kaus’:], Senator Kerry has been using Benedict Arnold as a synonym for unpatriotic behaviour with regard to companies that move jobs overseas. Among the other interesting tidbits there, apparently Kerry is flapping in the breeze over it, claiming that he meant only those who renounce US citizenship but his speech writers forced him to use against any company that moves jobs overseas (one might be driven to wonder what kind of executive in cheif he’ll be if he can’t even discipline his speech writers). What I want to know is, why is Kerry questioning the patriotism of a veteran who fought honorably for this country? Isn’t it, according to Kerry, to question his patriotism because he’s a decorated war veteran? So why is Kerry doing that to Arnold?

P.S. While looking for sources, I found this article which makes the same point I did about Arnold.