It's the dawn of a new era
Posted by aogFriday, 28 May 2004 at 12:11 TrackBack Ping URL

Via Instantman we have Doug Kern lamenting the cartoons of his youth:

Preachy mini-sermons abounded, though; the Super Friends couldn’t lay a gloved fist on Lex Luthor, but they could sure manhandle those sugary in-between-meals snacks. (“Super Friends,” they called them, instead of the Justice League. The difference tells you everything you need to know about the seventies.)

Even the music so is much better today. I love the theme to Justice League. It’s not a happy little ditty nor some overwrought blare. Instead it’s a gradual crescendo and increasing polyphony - quite uplifting. The imagery in the intro sequence is stark and heroic as well - quite mythic. I can’t imagine how it got past the PC police.

Some might claim that the show itself is somewhat politically correct, and that may be true. But many politically correct concerns are corruptions of conservative concerns. Hate speech laws are a corrupted form of politeness (in many senses, political correctness is just another example of the left substituting state control for social / community control). I like the show. The heroes have their little flaws, making the lesson not about being perfect but overcoming one’s own flaws. The difference between the politically correct world and the conservative world is that the former has only angels and devils, not the flawed timber of humanity.

Overall, I think we’re in a era of wonderful cartoons. Even as an Old Guy, I’ll reverse the usual statement and say cartoons have never been better.