If your analysis is wrong, your solution isn't likely to be good either
Posted by aogMonday, 17 May 2004 at 21:55 TrackBack Ping URL

Slate writes about the controversy concerning Lakhdar Brahimi.

Most notably, Brahimi told a French radio station last month, “There is no doubt that the great poison in the region is this Israeli policy of domination […] Fortunately for President Bush, he appointed Brahimi to negotiate a solution in Iraq, not in Israel and Palestine.

But that doesn’t follow at all. If Brahimi really thinks that the domination of Israel is the cause of problems in the Middle East instead of the domination of dictators and a dysfunctional ruling class, he’s very unlikely to suggest solutions that will address the latter. Would a strong man who uses judenhass to unite Iraq be a good idea? If Israel is the poison in the Middle East, why wouldn’t that be a good idea? Of course, one could be less subtle and just wonder how realistic the plans of someone with such a severe case of reality dysfunction could be. Sadly, I expect that the Iraqis will find out.