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At Iraq Now [via Instapundit] is yet another case of overt anti-American bias by Big Media. Various news organizations (which Iraq Now calls out by name, with links and cites) Dowdified a quote from a US general in Iraq to make him appear callous and indifferent.

It’s frequently a question about how our opponents in this war, the Caliphascists, can be so inept in the propaganda department yet still appear to be winning that struggle. For instance, cutting off Nick Berg’s head on videotape immediately after the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal broke. Or the open calls for destroying Western civilization or killing Americans in job lot quantities.

I think that the example cited in the first paragraph helps explain both the ineptness and success of the Caliphascists. In terms of success, we see that even if the Caliphascists do something crude or make openly bogus claims, Big Media will adjust, trim, edit and if necessary frabricate quotes in order to support the Caliphascists propaganda line. However, this protection and aid means that the Caliphascists never had to develop sophisticated propaganda or really understand the West. Recycled Nazi ideology works well locally and even the clumsiest claims get echoed in improved form in the West.

This may well be the Achille’s heel of the Caliphascists, because Americans are used to a cacophony of competing voices and claims and seem to be doing a reasonable job of sorting out the information from the noise. We didn’t see this kind of thing when western intellectuals and Big Media were siding with the Communists because the Communists were high masters of the art of propaganda. We’ll know in November how much of their credibility Big Media has burned in their support of our enemies.

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