Yeah, I need it - what's your point?
Posted by aogMonday, 05 April 2004 at 11:56 TrackBack Ping URL

A while back I picked up a Rainbow Leek knife because I like knives and I’m overpaid. It’s quite a nice knife, but it has caused me to be asked why a sedentary, overweight code slinger needs a very sharp one hand opening knife. It’s clear to me that these people do not drink corporate coffee.

I tend to get in a little late and normally there’s already coffee burning on the machine, but much less often lately. Not that people don’t drink the coffee as generally the pot is a couple of cups low between when I start it up and I get my fix. Anyway, when I need to fire up the coffee maker, having the one handed flick open saves me vital seconds in getting those plastic foil coffee bags open. Without mechanical aid, one must tug the bags open. But not with your full strength, which can lead (if the bag is a bit tougher than normal) to coffee ground explosion. It’s not pretty and delays that first cup even longer. My blade goes through them like a sharp knife through thin metallized plastic so I can get the coffee in the filter in a matter of seconds. I need the one hand opening so I can pull the coffee bag out of the drawer with one hand while my other is pulling out the knife and opening it. The two meet right in front of me, the bag is sliced and those beautiful grounds drop in the filter like Ba’ath insurgents meeting the US Marines.

Which reminds me - the coffee’s got to be ready by now. Later!