On me, peevishness looks good
Posted by aogSunday, 25 April 2004 at 16:39 TrackBack Ping URL

I have to agree with Spoons that The Corner is one of the worst weblogs I read in terms of linking. I noticed the same post where in the author talked about linking to a website but didn’t bother to put the actual link in.

But it’s worse than that - because I don’t have “auto-underline for links” turned on in my browser, I can’t see the links that are actually there. Why, if underlining links is the visual style they want, The Corner can’t spend 2 minutes tweaking the style sheet to do that, I don’t understand. Yes, I could change my browser settings but I prefer to let the website define that, not me.

As to why they don’t fix things, I suspect that the software they use probably doesn’t make that easy. I doubt they have Movable Type with w.bloggar to make things easy. I know that gritty, down to earth is hip these days but I think a little bit of professional gloss is a good thing.