Complain locally, blame globally
Posted by aogTuesday, 27 April 2004 at 12:16 TrackBack Ping URL

Over at Tacitus is a discussion about the USA’s lack of resolve in dealing with the insurgents in Iraq. Commentor JKC says

going into Najaf to get al-Sadr will be seen by most of the Shia the same way invading the Vatican to take out a renegade cardinal would be seen by the world’s Catholics

to which spc67 says

If there was a Cardinal in the Vatican calling for suicide bombers, it wouldn’t be necessary for troops to go get him. The Catholic population would demand his ouster.

That seems a little too sanguine for me. We all remember how the world and the Vatican blamed the Palestinian terrorists who took over the Church of the Nativity, right? What? It turned into a blame fest of everyone except the actual terrorists? Seems like another parallel in world views.