But, how could he do that to us?
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Random Jottings is excised about the perfidity of Western media with regard to the war against the Caliphascists:

because we are willing to fight at last, we are avoiding a probable war in the future, where millions die…The press and the Democrats are trying to create that war, by undercutting our efforts now.

I’m not sure I agree with that. I’ve mentioned earlier that I’ve come to believe that it’s far more a matter of parochial ignorance than maleficence. The members of the press corps who are being so counter-productive are simply unable to concieve of a world suffering from a true catastrophe such as nuclear warfare against Islam. In fact, I suspect that deep down they believe that if only we could get President Bush and his Republican theocracy out of power, then everything would be OK. I believe that the press corps, by and large, has drunk the Kool-Aid on the “Bush is the greatest danger to peace in the world”. In that belief system, their distortions are actually in the service of peace and prosperity.

It reminded me one of my favorite South Park episodes, the one where Jesus and Satan fight. The tagline is that everyone in town bets on Satan except for one (unknown) person. Satan then throws the fight. The audience is shocked! Satan asks “who do you think bet on Jesus?”. The crowd is silent. Frustrated, Satan says “You fools! I did! Now I get all your money!”. The audience walks out, complaining about what a jerk Satan is - how could he do such a thing? Think of the Western press as that audience, ignorant and uncomprehending even after they’ve been blatantly screwed over. In some ways, that’s actually more frightening than overt maliciousness.

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Noel Saturday, 01 May 2004 at 15:39

Refusing to acknowledge evil is a spirtual disease. I tend to think of them more as Colonel Nicholson in “Bridge on the River Kwai”.

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