Time to get some new voters
Posted by aogThursday, 18 March 2004 at 15:17 TrackBack Ping URL

In the comments over at Tim Blair’s, Angie Shultz writes

And he knows this is bad and wrong and cowardly, even though it’s democracy at work…

I have heard similar comments from a number of people, and I’m mystified. So if you disagree with the results of an election, you disagree with the concept of democracy? Why is it no one ever thinks of this while they’re deploring Bush’s presidency?

My view is that they do think of that and that most of those who deplore Bush’s election do in fact disagree with the concept of democracy. One notes a strong correlation between Bush hatred and support for removing choices from the citizenry. For instance,

  • Support for government run schools.
  • Support for the welfare state.
  • Support for court decisions overriding voters.
  • Disregard for laws or election results that don’t “turn out right”. (Note that this is different for disagreement with, which is attitude many on the Right have for the Spanish election).

Most of the Bush haters (particularly in Europe) are also tranzis who view democracy as something to be managed by a wiser and more informed elite.

My opinion is that this disdain for democracy and the masses is projected on to those who disagree with the Spanish voters. Note that we’re not hearing calls to overturn the results, or that the Spanish Socialists “stole” the election. The vote is accepted as legimate even as it is derided as ill chosen.