The fatal conceit
Posted by aogFriday, 26 March 2004 at 18:38 TrackBack Ping URL

Apparently the Democratic Party is trying to gin up some anger over President Bush’s recent joking about WMDs in Iraq. I think that as long as Bush doesn’t over do it, it’s a potent weapon against Senator Kerry.

Realistically, one of the worst aspects of Kerry politically (and why his campaign seems to do better when he’s on vacation) is a view of him as a humourless, self-important snob. Anything Bush can do to highlight this (within reason) is a win for Bush. Think of Jimmy Carter and his sanctimony - that hardly stood him in good stead against Reagan (in fact, there are those who argue that Carter eked out his win against Ford by, for once, not being sanctimonious).

Americans don’t like self-important people, which is quite distinct from egotistical people. We don’t have slaves to whisper “you are but a man” anymore, so Americans require their politicians to do it themselves. If Kerry can’t do that, he’s doomed.