Reaping what others have sown
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We’ve seen the limits and problems of being a restrained nation. The USA is often called bloodthirsty and callous, indifferent to the suffering and lives of foreigners. Yet the fact that Fallujah still exists demonstrates far more restraint than any of the nations who are currently our enemies. Some terrorists ambushed two cars with four contractors, killing all of them. A crowd gathered and abused the bodies, one of them while it was still on fire.

What, really, can the Coalition do to respond? To do nothing would seem to simply encourage more of this. I would favor doing what those in Fallujah want - pull out all Coalition forces and cordon off the town until the guilty are turned over or the town begs the Coalition to return. But I doubt that the political will exists to do even that. I suspect that the incident will pass from effective public memory within a week and that the forces in league with these barbarians will find some way to blame the contractors for the whole thing (it goes without saying that of course the USA is completely to blame, not the attackers or the ghoulish villagers, abusing the bodies of people trying to improve their lives).

Perhaps the best revenge will be in a few years, as the children are seduced in to Western culture and those who perpetrated this watch their ideology slowly and painful fade like blood in the sand.

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longhunter Thursday, 15 April 2004 at 08:44

I suggest that we appoint a group of Native Americans (still Indians to those of us who are non-PC and have no intention of becoming PC) as special envoys and send them to have a long heart-to-heart talk with the Muslims. I think that after hearing about Sand Creek, Wounded Knee, and a few other little pacification operations that we white-eyes have undertaken they wouldn’t be so keen on provoking us.

At the same time, we might also give ‘um a few history books written from the South’s perspective about Sherman’s march through Georgia. Then remind the bastards what we’d smash and burn if Islam really did get the all-out jihad with us that it wants and we marched down the eastern shore of the Red Sea from Sinai to the Gulf of Aden.

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